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100 Mile house Canada

Your Tree Is At The 100 Mile House Site, Canada



A Partnership Site With Land Rover

At Land Rover we believe we can map the future. In partnership with Woodchuck USA, we have committed to reducing our carbon footprint through their Buy One Plant One initiative. For every Woodchuck box we purchase as a part of our marketing efforts, a new tree is planted at the 100 Mile House site. This year we’ve planted over thousands of trees. To everyone who has received one or more of our gifts — know that together we are making an impact one Land Rover owner at a time.


100 Mile House 1

Along The Brigade Trail

Our site is located adjacent to the 100 Mile House which was originally built as a resting place for Canadian gold miners who were traveling to and from Vancouver. Originally the road was called the HBC Brigade Trail and has since been converted to the Trans Canada Highway.



This planting site will benefit wildlife species like turkey, deer, blue jays, squirrels, and others that depend on mast production from nut bearing trees.

100 Mile House 2

Future Growth

With the contribution to this site, it has become a “working forest,” meaning we will be using a variety of silvicultural techniques to sustainably manage the site to keep it healthy and forested.


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