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Cushing Planting Site

Your Tree Is At Our Cushing Site



Brand Partner For This Tree Site 

Masonic Children's Hospital

In a partnership with WOODCHUCK USA, the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital offered to support a tree planting location as part of a fundraising campaign and their pediatric bereavement support program, which honors the memory of pediatric patients who were in the hospital’s care.


Masonic Children's Hospital

Nurturing Health

Our Cushing site will be planted with thousands of seedling trees. When planted young, these trees will grow strong deep roots. This planting method creates strong tress and rich soil that helps develop a rich ecosystem.

Cushing Planting Site

Restoring Animal Habitat

The ecosystem we are helping restore allows unexpected and commonly forgotten species to survive. Many of the worlds endangered bee species need these wooded areas to nest and the homes of these bee species are becoming Federal protected land.

Cushing Planting Site

Future Growth

With the help of our brand partner, we are restoring habitat and creating a place where many people can come and see true wilderness.

Your Tree


Will be 1 / 20,000+ trees on site



Planting Partner