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Ushuaia Site

Our Ushuaia Planting Site [ Argentina ]



30 Trees At The End Of The World.

Ushuaia marks the most southern point before sailing to Antarctica. We took a special trip here to extend our Buy One. Plant One. Program to the furthest points of the world. We spent time getting local citizens involved in the event and showing that a company from Minnesota can make a worldwide difference.



Trees As A Monument

During this historic moment for WOODCHUCK we we're able to plant trees along the boardwalk of Ushuaia. We are thankful to have shared the experience with so many locals.


Valuable Land At Risk

Currently the Argentina government is allowing mass forest clearing. Thousands of trees are destroyed each day and it's destroying the natural landscape. We hope that our trees are a reminder that each person can make a difference to help combat this destruction.


The Region

This region is part forest and part mountain. To the south of Ushuaia is the Drake Passage which is one of the most treacherous stretches of ocean. Directly to the East you can sail to the Falkland Islands.

Our Expedition To Antarctica.

Watch what we did after our trip to Ushuaia as we sailed to Antarctica.